Solar Water and Energy System For Mountain Communities

Scaale Energy, in strategic alliance with Power Panel, is excited to present a unified green energy solution: our proprietary PV1 module seamlessly integrates with the Thermal Edge Storage System, delivering a customizable and scalable solar energy experience designed to propel mountain communities toward decarbonization and net-zero ambitions.

Gen2O Integrated

Maximize Utility, Enhance Sustainability. Our compact system combines three pioneering technologies suitable for mountain community environments where efficiency and space utilization are vital. Configurations are customizable, starting with as few as 8 modules to fit the varied scales of community settings.

Our integrated solution features the PowerPanel PVT 1 modules with versatile PowerPanel Racking and the high-efficiency Thermal Edge Storage Tank. This system is expertly crafted to meet the energy needs of mountain communities, promoting sustainable living with the capability for complete off-grid operation. Engineered to perform in diverse mountain climates, it's the ideal choice for maintaining comfort and supporting decarbonization efforts.

Adaptable for Any Community Size: From small village settings to larger town infrastructures, our system is tailored to meet your energy goals. Compatible with both grid-connected and off-grid setups, it's the perfect fit for communities aiming for net-zero targets, enhancing eco-friendly initiatives with robust energy solutions.


  • Minimal Impact, Maximum Efficiency: Our system encapsulates advanced technology in a sleek, space-saving design, offering maximum energy output with minimal environmental impact. Configurable to your community's needs, our modular approach starts with few units, expanding as your energy demands grow.
  • Versatility in Any Terrain: The "Premier Solar Hot Water & Energy System" is engineered for the unique challenges of mountainous environments. Adaptable and resilient, it ensures that every home, public facility, and business enjoys a continuous supply of hot water and reliable energy, irrespective of elevation or climate.
  • Sustainable Development: Embrace the future of clean energy with a system that not only reduces your carbon footprint but also aligns with economic sustainability. By investing in renewable energy, you're fostering a legacy of environmental stewardship and self-sufficiency for generations to come.

Benefits for Mountain Communities

  • Reliable in Remote Regions: Designed to perform in isolated and rugged landscapes, our system delivers dependability where it matters most. Its durability ensures year-round service, providing comfort and convenience even in the harshest mountain conditions.
  • Community Empowerment: By integrating our solar solutions, communities take a significant step towards energy independence, empowering residents with the means to generate their own power and hot water, reducing reliance on distant utilities, and enhancing local resilience.
  • Scalable for Every Size: Our systems are tailor-made to grow with your community. Whether you're a small settlement looking to start sustainably or a large town planning to expand, our solutions scale to meet your needs without compromising the environment.

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