Island Sustainability, Mastered: Chart Your Course to Net Zero with the Premier Solar Hot Water and Energy System

In partnership with Power Panel, Scaale Energy brings island communities a step closer to a clean energy future. Our bespoke PV1 module, combined with the Thermal Edge Storage System, offers a scalable and adaptable solar solution to meet the unique energy dynamics of island living, paving the way for a net-zero horizon.

Gen2O Integrated

Optimize Efficiency, Foster Resilience. Our compact system merges three innovative technologies perfectly suited for island environments, where efficiency and judicious use of space are essential. Our configurations are highly customizable, starting from a minimal 8-module setup, ensuring a perfect fit for the diverse needs of island communities.

The system integrates PowerPanel PVT 1 modules, adaptable PowerPanel Racking, and the high-efficiency Thermal Edge Storage Tank. Tailored to the unique energy requirements of islands, this solution supports sustainable living and facilitates complete off-grid operation when necessary. It's robustly built to withstand the varied coastal weather conditions, making it the optimal choice for ensuring resident comfort and advancing island-wide decarbonization efforts.

Versatile across all scales, our system is designed to serve the entire spectrum of island life, from the most intimate communities to the more expansive town developments. Whether augmenting the local grid or creating a self-sufficient energy ecosystem, this system is ideally suited for islands pursuing net-zero aspirations, promoting a greener lifestyle with dependable energy solutions.


  • Designed for Island Dynamics: Our system is engineered to maximize efficiency in limited spaces, a critical consideration for island applications. The modular setup, starting from just 8 units, provides the flexibility needed for island infrastructures of varying sizes and demands.
  • Robust and Resilient: The Gen2O system, featuring PowerPanel PVT 1 modules along with adaptable PowerPanel Racking and the efficient Thermal Edge Storage Tank, caters to the specific energy needs of island communities. With durability to withstand harsh saltwater environments, it ensures a reliable power and hot water supply.
  • Customizable for Island Needs: Tailored for everything from remote eco-retreats to extensive island resorts, our systems are built to scale seamlessly with your community or business, ensuring a perfect fit for both off-grid and on-grid scenarios.

Benefits for Island Communities

  • Eco-Conscious Living: Our system is designed to minimize environmental impact, supporting the preservation of island beauty and biodiversity while providing sustainable energy solutions.
  • Energy Independence: Gen2O empowers islands to reduce dependence on imported fuels, harnessing the abundant solar energy for a self-sufficient lifestyle.
  • Scalable Solutions: Start small or go large. Our systems grow with your community or resort, providing scalable, clean energy solutions that adapt to seasonal fluctuations and expanding infrastructures.

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