Hospitality is embracing innovation and new technologies across all areas. As customer preferences progress to hyper-personalization, chatbots are increasingly common. Services are tailored around guests automatically based on customer data. Digital advances forward with mobile front desks, biometrics, and smart rooms. Virtual reality allows for immersive tours, promotions, and experiences. Operators are using intelligent systems to manage properties more efficiently and optimize revenue. The challenging past few years have spurred transformative changes, opening up numerous opportunities for those with innovative ideas to flourish.

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We assist hospitality owners, operators, and investors with global investment, acquisitions, and exits.

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Resort in Northern Italy

Historical, Value Deal

Corporate Resort in Switzerland

Based in Wengen

Hotel in Central London

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Luxury Hotels in Istanbul

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Work with us to develop, implement, and maintain systems to manage hotel, restaurant, event, and travel operations more effectively.

Customer Service - Chatbots, automated emails, and AI-powered virtual assistants to provide instant responses to customer queries, make reservations, and offer personalized recommendations.

Operations - Software systems and robotics for facility, inventory, and workforce management, housekeeping, and maintenance tasks.

Reservations - Seamless, easy-to-use interfaces for room reservation, event booking, and table reservation.

Food Service - Self-service kiosks, mobile applications for check-in/check-out, guest registration, room assignment, and billing.

Robotics - Specialized systems for cleaning, room delivery, kitchen operations, and restaurant front of house.

Guest Experience

Use artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, and other emerging technologies to enhance customer facing experiences.

AR/VR - Immersive booking experiences, virtual tours, and on-site entertainment.

Personalization - Highly customized one-to-one interactions and recommendations for guests using CRM and CEM systems with advanced AI/ML customer analytics.

Smart Rooms - Automated lighting, temperature control, and voice-activated assistants for improved guest comfort and convenience.

Biometrics - Facial recognition and fingerprint technology.

Remote Work - Mobile check-in/out, keyless entry, and contactless payments.

Technology enabled project and growth solutions.

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