Accelerate growth through global markets and operations.

Access to new markets and a broader customer base can multiply revenue potential. Multinational companies reduce their dependence on a single market and gain a rich influx of new ideas, practices, and perspectives that can spur innovation. Setting up operations in areas with favorable labor markets or abundant natural resources help drive down costs and boost profitability. Scaale partners with companies to implement international expansion strategies to benefit from the exciting promise of global growth.

Global Market Access

Enter and expand into new markets effectively and efficiently.

Navigating international markets can be overwhelming for even the most seasoned businesses. From navigating local regulations to understanding regional consumer behaviors, cross-border sales is complex. With digital commerce traditional borders have been blurred, introducing fresh opportunities but also new challenges. Scaale offers guidance on unraveling these complexities, allowing great companies to seize opportunities in growing foreign markets.

We offer a range of capabilities tailored around the specific attributes of a company. Collaborating with local retailers or distributors can make products available to customers quickly through their local networks. Risk can be lowered by finding local partners to operate with and grant production or sales rights to. Setting up physical locations abroad can have high costs but offers more control over operations. Though it can be expensive and complex, establishing a new entity in the foreign market or acquiring existing companies abroad provides instant market access.


Direct Presence

Establish a local presence in new markets.



Establish and manage sales, strategic alliances, and service channels.



License technology, brand, or business models for new markets.


Joint Venture

Identify, negotiate, and finalize joint venture partnerships.



Establish majority-owned country operations through turnkey projects.



Purchase a company for access to a brand, customers, and other assets.

Global Operation Centers

Setup tech, process, and back office centers in new locations to access talent and establish operating capabilities on a global footprint.

Global operations provide access to diverse talent pools, market insights, and cost efficiencies to enhance competitive advantage and foster growth. Today companies are strategically expanding to locations with favorable cost structures without compromising on talent quality. A multinational workforce can offer specialized knowledge, skills, and capabilities difficult to replicate in a single location. Local employees often share local perspectives that companies later use to adapt products/services for market entry.

Setting up international operations is no small feat. With countless legal, logistical, and cultural hurdles, it requires an intricate blend of strategic planning, regulatory compliance, talent acquisition, supply chain management, and cultural acclimatization. Scaale takes on these challenges for clients with proven solutions to establish and optimize business operations across international borders.

Project Lifecycle

A proven, turnkey project solution established from decades of experience with international expansion projects.

01. Analysis

Assess locations for talent, infrastructure, regulatory compliance, and incentives.

02. Setup

Secure workspace, onboard a skilled team, and explore local funding availability.

03. Operation

Ongoing center management with focus on iterative performance improvement.

04. Scale

Expansion in one or multiple locations with flexible team structures.

Technology enabled project and growth solutions.

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