Strategic alliances, acquisition, and exit advisory to help your business grow.

We stand at the intersection of technological innovation and international expansion, offering solutions to aid in strategic business expansion through with a focus on strategic and investment partners. Our services encompass strategic alliance building, guiding companies through transformative acquisitions, and providing thoughtful exit advisory. Through our strategic alliances, we unlock doors to new markets and potential growth avenues. Our acquisition advisory aims for a stronger global position through diversified growth and operational efficiency. We also assist business owners with comprehensive support during critical transition periods such as planned exits.

Strategic Alliances

Find partners that provide opportunities for growth that would otherwise be difficult to achieve alone.

In an increasingly interconnected and collaborative business environment, strategic partnerships have become a vital component for sustained success. Partnerships can foster innovation, expand market reach, mitigate risks, and enable technological advancements. Companies that isolate themselves risk higher costs, limited resources and may struggle to compete against larger, more collaborative competitors.

We help companies find strategic partners based on clear, mutual alignment towards achieving shared objectives. A primary focus are international alliances that open up global markets, new customer segments, and distribution networks. Innovation partnerships offer knowledge sharing, collaboration, and access to complementary resources. It is also common for partnerships to serve as stepping stones towards joint ventures, acquisitions, or investments.


New Markets

Access new markets and customer segments not easily reached without a partner leading the way or playing a support role.


Shared Resources

Access to additional resources, such as capital, expertise, distribution channels, or manufacturing capabilities.


Product Enhancement

Combine complementary products, services, or technologies, leading to improved offerings and increased value for customers.



Foster innovation through shared R&D efforts, access new ideas, and collaborate on cutting-edge technologies or solutions.



Alliances can help companies explore compatibility, synergies, and shared strategic objectives before pursuing a deeper integration or acquisition.



Join forces to combine strengths, leverage economies of scale, and create synergies that lead to a stronger market position.


Helping corporates and private equity find strategic investment opportunities with a cross-border and technology focus

Our role is to assist companies in developing acquisition strategies that enhance their competitive advantage and global market position. Acquisitions offer opportunities to expand market presence, diversify product/service offerings, access new technologies, mitigate competition, and achieve various strategic goals. Successful investments generate value by increasing revenue, reducing costs, and improving operational efficiencies.

Investing across borders can grant companies access to established distribution networks, local market insights, and an existing customer base. Companies may also be acquired for their resources, such as raw materials, manufacturing capabilities, technology, or intellectual property. Acquisitions can also be utilized to acquire offshore business units with a strong workforce, specialized expertise, and local market knowledge.



Fuel growth by expanding market share, increasing revenue, and accessing resources to increase growth trajectory.


Market Access

Expand geographical reach with new markets and customer segments that help establish new sources of revenue.



Access new technologies, platforms, or proprietary systems to enhance product development and differentiation.



Acquire cutting-edge technologies, research capabilities, or disruptive business models for future growth.



Bring in skilled employees and specialized expertise for a more diverse, capable workforce.



Access a company's brand equity to improve customer perception, and market positioning.


Helping founders and business owners manage exit strategies through company sale

Owners exit businesses for reasons like financial gains, changing priorities, strategic misalignment, succession planning, limited growth opportunities, favorable market conditions, or personal events. Exiting enables monetization, new ventures, work-life balance, succession planning, growth pursuit, market advantage, or personal needs.

We create a proactive plan for founders and business owners to sell their company at the right time and price. Identifying buyers who grasp strategic value is crucial. Valuing such an enterprise involves more than estimating future cash flows, it is important to also consider strategic value within an industry and value chain.

For companies that want to take a more active approach we offer a "Build Value to Exit" program to establish a plan to increase valuation prior to initiating a company sale. We accomplish this by focusing on select projects over a 6-18 month time frame to improve financial metrics, optimize operations, and strengthen market position.



For founders focused on maximizing the value of the company and facilitating a successful exit strategy. This can include buying out venture investors and employees on the cap table.


Generational Transfer

Planning the transfer of a business from one generation to the next, including succession planning, transition of leadership, and preserving the legacy and values of the business.


Inactive Shareholders

Providing liquidity and an exit strategy for shareholders who no longer wish to be involved in the business through buybacks but primarily to external buyers.



For angel and private equity investors looking to assist founders in their portfolio and ensure profitable exits for startup, early-stage, and SME investments.


Mature Brands

Businesses with a well-defined brand identity, established market position, loyal customer base, proven track record, and strong reputation within an industry.

Technology enabled project and growth solutions.

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