Managed seed accelerator programs for corporates, investors, and regional development

Scaale Spark is a turnkey startup accelerator program for corporates, investors, and regional development. We build, co-manage, and support seed accelerator programs for our partners, with a focus on applying the combined strengths of all stakeholders towards strategic innovation objectives.

Who we partner with


Nurture relevant startups to access technologies and business models to create innovation opportunities.

Private Equity

Introduce portfolio companies to unique opportunities to improve revenue and unit economics for higher next round valuations.

Regional Development

Attract startups, talent, and capital to promote locations and create jobs through  innovation led development.




Access a diversity of companies on a global basis that offer a broad scope of potential technical, product, or value-chain synergies.



We work to find avenues for program companies to find incremental revenue and scarce resources through our expansion solutions.



Support program companies with smart capital, executive talent, advisors, and partners from our network.

Technology enabled project and growth solutions.

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