Scaale | Innovation, Capital, Talent, Sales, Infrastructure


Fund Raise & Capital

Cross Border Angels & Investments is the first investment network dedicated to cross border investments.

Business Advisory

Scaale Advisory helps startups and companies around the world to get ready to launch, raise funds, grow and exit.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Scaale Exit provides strategic and competent advise to companies for global mergers & acquisitions.


Global Workforce Solutions

Talent Anywhere provides companies with an end-to-end solution to develop a global workforce.

Talent, Analytics & Mapping

Talent as a Service (TAAS) focuses specifically on providing large range of hiring solutions to companies across the globe

Training & Skill Development

Egnosi offers end-to-end training & skill development solutions to help organizations to improve upon the way people work & operate.


Global Sales

Scaale Sales is a global business consulting firm specialized in implementing solutions for the internationalization of companies.

Creative Agency

Scaale Creative helps companies establish identity, messaging and materials to succeed in international markets.

Video Production

Emocion Studios helps companies create testimonials, interviews, marketing videos, events, documentary film, explainer/product videos.


Workspace Solutions

The iPlex is one of India's premier workspace and integrated talent solutions providers.